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  • M-series replacement ear pads (black, pair). compatible with: ATH-M20x, ATH-M30x, ATH-M40x, ATH-M50x, ATH-M50, ATH-M50s, ATH-M50RD
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  • Replacement earpads made with made with high quality memory foam.
  • EAR PAD REPLACEMENTS FOR OVAL HEADPHONES: Our state-of-the-art replacement ear pads are designed for comfort, suitable for ATH M50, M50x and Brainwavz HM5 and many other oval headphones. See below for list of compatible models and dimensions of earpads.
  • THE BEST SOUND INSULATING EAR COVERS: Constructed of superior grade memory foam, this ear pad set insulates your ears with a perfect fit so nothing but the purest sound reaches your ear. Out performs your standard earpads and other competitor brand replacements.
  • COMFORTABLE ON-EAR PLACEMENT: Relax in comfort with Brainwavz replacement ear cushions. They fit comfortably on your ear without distorting sound. Savor the notes with clarity and comfort.
  • SUITABLE FOR BUT NOT LIMITED TO: Audio Technica ATH M50, ATH-M50x, ATH-M30x, MSR7NC, ATH-A900X, ATH-AD900X, ATH-900, ATH-M40x, ATH-R70x, BPSH1, ATH-M40FS, ATH-PRO700, ATH-AD700x. AKG K551, K553. Shure SRH 440, SRH-840. Takstar HI 2050, Pro 80. Ultrasone HF 580. Sony MDR-ZX770BN, MDRRF985RK, MDR-V700, V900, MDR-1A, MDR-RF6500. Fostex T50RP T50, th-x00, T40rp, 20RP MK3. Monoprice 8323
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  • COMPATIBLE WITH: Our ear pads fit many brands of headphones, such as ATH-M50x, ATH M40x, ATH-M30x, ATH M50, HyperX Cloud 1/2/Core/Mix/Alpha, SteelSeries arctis 7, arctis 7P, arctis 9, arctis 9x, arctis pro, arctis pro wireless, sony MDR-7506, MDR V6, Turtle Beach stealth 500, stealth 600, stealth 700 and so on. We show all the compatible models in the list for your reference.
  • KEEP YOUR EARS COOL: The Soft Cooling-gel is added under the top layer fabric (breathable Ice Silk fabric) of the earpads, absorbing the sweat in the summer days and keeping your ears cool after a long time of use.
  • ENHANCED SOUND: Your old earpads negatively affect the sound quality of your headphones, while our precisely modeled earpads will not affect the sound performance of your headphones and make your headphones look brand-new again.
  • Flawless Installation: Our earpads perfectly fit your headset base. No extra tool is needed and you can complete the entire installation within a few minutes.
  • Rugged Durability: We added stitching and mighty glue on the inside seams of each earpad to prevent them from splitting. WE CONTINUE TO develop more professional and ergonomic ear pads. Please contact us for replacements or refunds if there is an issue with your purchase.
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  • WHAT: Our ProStock Earpads for ATH M50X are custom designed for superior comfort, style and quality that top the original Audio Technica stock earpads. Our uniquely crafted design has been inspired from customer feedback and extensive trial and error, these are the ideal replacement ear pads for any Audio Technica M series headphone.
  • WHY: Your ears deserve better, your headphones could look better but you don't want to loose that awesome sound quality - Brainwavz ProStock ticks all the boxes and more.
  • HOW: We use only premium quality materials, custom carved soft memory foam and breathable vegan leather stitched cover to reduce heat and sweat, our ProStock ATH-M50X earpads just excel in quality and comfort.
  • THAT SOUND: Our unique shaped pads give the one thing many other replacement earpads just can't do, not interfere with the headphones sound. Our ProStock will retain that gorgeous sound with little to no noticeable audio change.
  • COMPATIBLE: These earpads have been designed to work with the following Audio Technica Headphones: M20X, M30X, M40X, M50X and M50BTX. These earpads may also be suitable for other headphones, please check dimensions.
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  • COMPATIBILITY: Fit perfectly on ATH M50x /M50xBT /M50RD /M40X /M30x /M20x /SX1 /MSR7 Monitor Headphones.
  • OUR INGENUITY: Adopting the high-grade protein leather and the high-density memory foam, our earpads will seal around your ears brilliantly, ensuring you excellent noise isolation and extreme comfort.
  • FLAWLESS INSTALLATION: A detailed and step-by-step User Guide is included, making the entire installation easy and fast (usually 5 mins).
  • TIME TO CHANGE YOUR OLD ONES: Why not buy a new clothes for your headphones? Making them look brandnew again.
  • WE CONTINUE TO develop more professional and ergonomic ear cushions. Please contact us for replacements or refunds if there is any issue with your purchase.
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  • █【EASY & HASSLE FREE INSTALLATION】● Ear Pads Compatible with ATH-M50x, Arctis Pro Arctis 7 Arctis 5 Arctis 3 Headphones. Easy and hassle free installation, relax in comfort with LTYIVABHTTW replacement ear cushions.
  • █【DURABLE / LONG LASTING】● Ear Pads Compatible with ATH-WS1100iS, HD280 Pro, MDR-7506 V6 Headphones. Exceptional craftsmanship and materials. Hi-quality soft velour fabric for comfort and durability.
  • █【SOFTER / MORE COMFORTABLE】● LTYIVABHTTW Replacement Ear Pads are specifically designed for long-term comfort with your Headphones. Softer and as a result more comfortable for extended wear, get a little bit better sound isolation from their existing headphones.
  • █【SOFT VELOUR/MEMORY FOAM】● LTYIVABHTTW Ear Cushion use the best materials including high quality memory foam and soft velour material, this ear pad set insulates your ears with a perfect fit so nothing but the purest sound reaches your ear.
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  • 【No More Peeling】Made of Bird-eye Mesh Fabric, the earpads are primarily designed for the Audio Technica headphones and Turtle Beach headsets. The fabric earpads fit the face well and provide an enhanced soft touch. The Bird-eye hole can effectively alleviate the stuffiness and discomfort caused by the long-term wearing of headsets. The ear pads can prevent peeling and cracking problems that have long existed in the leather ear cushions.
  • 【Super Durable Earpads】Our professional team uses the same testing methods as Selecting high-end headphone earpads to test the wear resistance and aging resistance of the earpads. The earmuffs easily passed the AATCC test and can be worn for 12 months or more without damage. Complying with the PCT test standard, the headphone pads are anti-aging. It allows the leather to have high resistance to sweat, oil, and cosmetics.
  • 【Sound is NOT Changed】Made of high-grade memory foam, the earpads balance the softness and holding support well. Furthermore, it helps headsets to maintain sound quality. Tuned by professional engineers, these replacement ear pads have been verified in many Turtle Beach Headphones, Audio Technica headset, and steelseries headset, that they p commendably restore the original sound quality and ensure the NC functions of the headset.
  • 【Fine Crafted Earpads】The raw materials are selected from the world's famous headphone material suppliers, and each production is handmade by experienced workers. Neat stitching and good process to provide a better look.
  • 【Compatible With Multiple Headphones】These are earpads replacement for Turtle Beach Stealth 700/600/300/400/420X/450/500P/500X/520(NOT FIT 600gen2, 700gen2!); Turtle Beach Ear Force PX3/PX5/X12/M5Ti; Audio Technica ATH M50x M50bt M50 M40x M40 M30X M30 M20X; Steelseries Arctis 7/3/5/9x/Pro Ultrasone Pro-900i; Clear-com CC-400 CC-300; Sennheiser BT 4.40; Sony WH-CH700N; SteelSeries Arctis 3 5 7 9x Pro; Limitless Creations HP3BK; RadioShack AM/FM Stereo Headset Radio; and many other headphones.
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  • COMPATIBLE: These replacement ear pads are compatible with Audio-Technica ATH-M50X ATH-M50 ATH-M50xBT ATH-M40X ATH-M40 ATH-M30X ATH-M30 ATH-M20X ATH-M20 ATH-M10 Professional Studio Monitor Headphones ONLY. (DOES NOT FIT ATH other series)
  • PROTEIN LEATHER: Made of durable and professional-grade protein leather for long-term use, the replacement ear pads have a smooth surface and comfortable touch.
  • MEMORY FOAM: Made of firmer memory foam for blocking the noise, you will enjoy your ATH headsets.
  • EASY INSTALLATION: Please search video instructions on Youtube, and follow the instructions, it’s easy to remove your old ATH ear pads and install the new replacement ear cushions.
  • GUARANTEE: Each ear pad is thoroughly inspected for defects. 100% money back if not fit or defective!
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  • 【Excellent Compatibility】Fit ● ATH M50X/M40X/M30X/M20X/MSR-7/WS660BT/G1WL/WS1100IS/BPHS1/PDG1/PG1 ● MDR-7506/MDR V6 ● CLOUD 1&2 /CLOUD 2 WIRELESS/CLOUD ALPHA/ALPHA S/CLOUD CORE/CLOUD STINGER/CLOUD FLIGHT/CLOUD MIX ● STEALTH 300/400/500/600/600 GEN 2 / 700 GEN 1● X12/X32/X42 ● ATLAS/RECON SPARK/RECON 50/50P ● KAIRA / KAIRA PRO / KAIRA X / KAIRA PRO PS5 ● HD280 PRO / GSP 370 ● HS75 XB/HS70 PRO/HS60/HS50 ● RIG 800HS/800HD/800LX ● LVL40/LVL50
  • 【Keep Cooling】JESSVIT Cooling Gel Ear Pads have added layer of soft cooling gel liquid, keeping you chilled when things start heating up. JESSVIT cooling gel earpads keep your ears cool for longer periods of time. and a breathable hybrid of sports fabric and leather help you get through those long listening.
  • 【Added Thickness】The Cooling Gel ear cushion use a thicker design and the thickness of memory foam has reached 1 inches, so that your ears can no longer touch the inside of the headset, ear cushion are made with softer memory foam, ear cushions with very good comfort, it is very suitable for listening to music and working for a long time.
  • 【Extra Durability】These Cooling Gel Ear Pads, made by JESSVIT, fit the following models of Headphones perfectly: Cloud Series Models / ATH M50X & M Series / Stealth Series Models & More Headset. Its durability can use this ear cushion to enjoy music in the next few years.
  • 【Unmatched Comfort】These Cooling Gel replacement ear pads are made from a new softer memory foam that find the perfect balance of comfort and durability and drastically enhances sound performance and quality. Note: For HS75 XB, HS70 PRO, HS60, HS50 models, the earpads does not include the mounting ring and earpads need to be used with the stock mounting ring.
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  • SUITABLE FOR GAMING & AUDIO HEADPHONES: SteelSeries Arctis Series | HyperX Cloud Series Headsets | Audio-Technica ATH M50X, M40X, M30X, M20X| Beyerdynamic DT-770 / DT240 pro | Fidelio X2 | Fostex T50RP | HyperX Alphas / Cloud 2 / Flight Wireless | JVC S500S | M-Audio Q40 | Meze 99 classics | Monoprice 8323 | Mr Speakers Ether C | NAD Viso HP50 | NVX XPT100 | Philips SHP9500 | Sennheiser HD 280 Pros / HD 650 / HD 4.50 BTNC | Shure SRH440 | Takstar HI 2050 | Takstar Pro80 & Many More
  • COOLING GEL LAYER: A next generation solution to tackle the and age-old problem of sweaty headphones. Brainwavz have added layer of soft cooling gel liquid under the fabric of the pad, keeping you chilled when things start heating up.
  • REPLACEMENT MEMORY FOAM EARPADS: Our state-of-the-art replacement Oval pads are designed to fit a wide variety of headphone brands, including Audio Technica, Hyper X, Beyerdynamic, Sennheiser and many many more. May also work with other headphones that fit these ear pad dimensions.
  • QUALITY MATERIALS FOR IMPROVED SOUND: Engineered for amazing sound quality, we use the best materials including high quality memory foam and ultra-soft micro suede, expect to be impressed.
  • DURABLE FOR HEAVY USE AND A LONG LIFE: Exceptional craftsmanship and materials went into each set of Brainwavz headphone ear covers. You’ll enjoy them for years, no matter what you put them through.

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