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  • (⚠️Output: 29.4V. with Barrel ✅ Round Plug Tip. NOT 3-Prong ❌ Connector. NOT for 36V ❌ and 42V ❌ version. NOT for Razor Hovertrax 2.0 ❌ version. Someone may have bought it by mistake. Please Check For Compatibility With Your Unit. Thanks.) World Wide Input Voltage 100-240VAC 50/60Hz. OVP, OCP, SCP Protection (OVP: Over Voltage output Protection. OCP: Over Current output Protection. SCP: Short Circuit output Protection). UpBright 30 days money back guarantee. 1 full year service warranty.
  • UpBright New Global 29.4V AC / DC Adapter Compatible with Razor Hovertrax 1.5 Hovertrax1.5 15156208 1515608 15156265 15156243 15174101 2 Wheel Hooverboard Smart Balancing Electric Scooter Hover trax Hover Board 25.2V 2.5Ah lithium-ion Li-ion Battery Pack 25.2 V +25.2V 25.2 Volt 25.2 Volts DC25.2V 25.2 VDC 25.2VDC Rechargeable Battery +29.4V 29.40V 29.4 Volt 29.4 Volts 29.4VDC Switching Class 2 Power Supply Cord Cable PS Wall Home Battery Charger Mains PSU
  • Compatible with: Razor Hovertrax Prizma 15156257 15156239 15156297 15156205 Hover trax 25.2V lithium-ion Battery Pack; Hon-Kwang HK Model HK-AD-252U060-US HK-AD-252U060US HK-AD252U060US HKAD252U060US HKAD-252U060-US HonKwang 25.2V 0.6A Class 2 Battery Charger;
  • Compatible with: Razor Black Label Hovertrax 15156252 15156287 25.2V Lithium-ion Battery Pack Hover trax Electric-Powered Hooverboard Charger Power Supply ⚠️(Please Note! that the "Razor" available in a number of different Models Number and Connectors. Please Make sure Your Model or P/N : Match this Listing. Thank you.)
  • (Note: ⚠️!!! 25.2V is Hooverboard's battery voltage. ⚠️!!! NOT charger's voltage.) ⚠️!!!Note: Rechargeable batteries don't last forever, the average battery last 1 to 3 years. If the battery is old/dead, it will not accept a charge. But not charger's problem. If you're not sure whether battery or charger is dead or not. You must have a volt meter in order to tell whether or not a charger is working.
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  • The product is compatible with a variety of equipment, suitable for headlights, toy cars, balance cars, etc.
  • LED indicator, clearly see the charging situation.
  • Wide adaptability, using 110-240V wide voltage to meet the requirements of different regions.
  • Multiple protection, safe use: overcharge protection, short circuit protection, over current protection, overheat protection.
  • Rigorous and meticulous workmanship, durable and not easy to break.
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  • Futuristic game Environment
  • play as a futuristic robot
  • Variety of opponent police vehicles including cars
  • Realistic sci-fi robot animations
  • Attractive lighting and effects for being in sync with future games theme
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  • Water resistant upper
  • Thinsulate lining
  • Padded collar around ankle for extra comfort
  • Lightweight, flexible and durable outsole
  • Breathable fabric lining keeps feet cool and fresh
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Release Date2021-03-04T00:00:00-05:00
Publication Date2021-03-03T00:00:00Z
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  • ⚡Compatible Model: For Wii U console only. Not for Wii U gamepad/Wii console.
  • ⚡Safely Ideal Choice: Intelligent charging system delivers precision overvoltage protection and overcurrent protection. Input: AC 100-240; Output: DC 15V 5A
  • ⚡High Efficiency: The optimization of connectors on AC Power Adapter with durability which bring high stability of charging.
  • ⚡Plug and use: Enjoy your game with no hassle.
  • ⚡Perfect Life Solution: Please feel free to contact us If you have any questions at all. Thrid Party Product, Not Original.
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  • 【Lightweight All-Terrain hoverboards 】: An off-road all-terrain Hoverboard designed for kids and those who hate heavy Hoverboards, with a net weight of 21.16bl and a load capacity of up to 220 lbs. Has a non-slip texture for high grip even on slippery ground. The tire has a larger contact area with the ground, allowing you to use it with confidence
  • 【Off-road all-terrain hoverboards】: 6.5-inch widened off-road tires, equipped with 250W dual motors to easily climb up to 15° slopes, Aluminum alloy wheels allow you to overcome those nasty campus hills or endless uphill sidewalks, ensuring smooth and easy riding on all terrains
  • 【Hover boards electric with Bluetooth HIFI music】 The hoverboard has built-in high-quality music Bluetooth speakers, linking to the Bluetooth allows you to enjoy your favorite music during riding, and the mechanical self-balancing design is easy to learn and maintain balance. It can go straight, rotate, and rotate 360 ​​degrees, and everyone can drive well.
  • 【 Best choice for the Kids first hoverboard】 Step on the V2 all-terrain off-road hoverboard and ride like a warrior on grass, dirt, gravel, or wet surfaces at will! The hoverboard is guaranteed for one year, and the battery is guaranteed for six months. The best gifts hoverboard for kids and adults such as Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgiving, birthday gifts, etc.
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Is Adult Product
Release Date2016-09-06T00:00:00.000Z
Number Of Pages344
Publication Date2016-09-06T00:00:00.000Z
FormatKindle eBook
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  • Output: 24V 2A 48W; Input: 100-240V 1.5A 50-60Hz ; Size: 8mm and 12mm Female 3-Pin Inline.
  • included a free convert cable which can change the 8mm female 3-Pin connector into the 12mm female 3-Pin Inline.
  • Please check connector size before you buy, if it's the same with it, then you can sure it can be replacement your adapter well.
  • Short circuit protection/ over current protection/ over voltage protection.
  • Red light -- charging, green light -- charge OK, it stop automatically when the battery is full.
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Release Date2020-10-20T00:00:01Z
Edition4K + Blu-ray + Digital

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