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  • Innovative cotton swab lipstick: Beautiful moisture-rich, intense colors with every cotton swab tattoo lipstick. Individually wrapped for maximum hygiene, moisture and color intensity.
  • Long-lasting color: Our special lip dye formula in this tattoo lipstick keeps colors looking fresh and vibrant all day long. Color stays put - always on your lips and nowhere else!
  • Versatile: These tattoo lipsticks are suitable for all occasions and looks. Quick and easy to apply for gorgeous, eye-catching lips wherever you go.
  • 4 hot colors: Choose from Red, Rose Red, Pink and Nude - one for every outfit, every occasion and every mood! Don’t worry about which one to choose, just bring them all along!
  • Easy to use: Simply snap the swab of one tattoo lipstick and apply like you would a regular lipstick. Just the right amount, every time!
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  • 【Natural Ingredients】Our tattoo lipstick is made of cosmetic dyes and pigments extracted from plants. It is gentle and non-irritating to the skin. It is vegan and cruelty-free.
  • 【Cigarette Box Design】Our creative cigarette box cotton swab lip stain only needs to break off the cotton swab with the logo on the end, the liquid will flow out, and you can get the lipstick color you want. Creative cigarette box design, cool girls choice.
  • 【Easy to Apply and Clean】Goes on smoothly without skipping or pulling,also easily to remove, fast and clean,never worry about pigmentation. As long as we use the makeup remover, it can be easily removed.
  • 【Long Lasting and Waterproof】Add lip dye formula, bright and lasting color. Not sticking to the cup, no smudging, waterproof and kissproof. You can keep your attractive makeup all day long without worrying about sweat ruining your makeup.
  • 【Applicable scene】Silky, delicate, elegant, light lips, suitable for makeup in all seasons, especially in the office, dating, shopping, summer parties with friends, this is a very convenient and very beautiful lip makeup set , Easy to wear.
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  • Superior quality. Better formula and results compare to other similar products on the market!
  • Kiss-Proof and long-wearing.
  • Matte finish.
  • Barely-there feel.
  • Easy to use.
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  • Multicolor Tattoo Lipstick: Our lipstick set comes in 4 colors, pink, nude, red and rose red. Just buy a box, you can perfectly match your makeup in a variety of occasions, let you shine in the crowd. No longer have to worry about how to choose colors.
  • Lightweight & Individual Packing: The cotton swab lip gloss is designed as a cigarette pack, so you can carry around "cigarettes" like a man. In addition, each of the 20 cotton swab lip glazes is individually packaged for convenient hygiene and easy to carry when traveling.
  • Long Lasting & Waterproof: This tattoo lipstick cotton swab is waterproof and long-lasting. Not sticking to the cup, not easy to fade, no smudging, contains moisturizing ingredients, never worry about pigmentation, suitable for different skin tones.
  • Easy to Use: Break off from the end marked with a red line, and let the cotton swab stand upright to allow the liquid to flow to the other end(this process is about 2 seconds). Then you can use the cotton swab to evenly fill the lips.
  • Suitable for All Occasions and Beginner: Whether you are a novice makeup artist or professional, this lipstick set can provide you the perfect color for any lip makeup. It is also suitable for any occasion, dating, shopping, party and so on.
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  • Effortlessly Gorgeous: Finish your natural makeup look with a stunning pop of color that will last for hours! Our superior quality lip tattoos boast a sheer lip stain formula with a velvet matte finish. This low-maintenance lipstick looks amazing on its own and topped with a lip gloss.
  • Mess-Free Application: No skipped patches, no lipstick on teeth, and no mess. These Q-tip lip stains offer an incredibly quick, comfortable, and smooth application while leaving the lips plump and moisturized. And with a decent makeup remover, removing your lip tint stain is a breeze!
  • ?? Lightweight and Lasting: Worried about stained mugs Try our long-wearing, transfer-proof, water-proof, and kiss-proof lipstick! Unlike heavy layers of traditional lipstick, our tattoo lip stains leave a breezy, barely-there feel that stays intact after hours of eating and living your life.
  • ?? Creative Convenience: Every package of our long-lasting lipstick features an ingenious cigarette-like case with 20 cotton swab lip stains. These tattoo lipsticks are completely disposable with the size of just a Q-tip. Carry in your handbag or back pocket and apply anywhere anytime!
  • ?? A Color for Every Day: From a dark Halloween theme to an adorable kawaii makeup trend, we have a color for every mood, outfit, and occasion. These amazing lip stain Q-tips are available in shades of nude, pink, red, and rose red. Want all of them together We have a multicolored pack too!
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  • Country of origin is United States
  • The package dimension of the product is 6.4cmL x 25cmW x 30cmH
  • The package weight of the product is 2.2 pounds
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  • FLOWER BALM: Our best-selling Flower Balm is an all-natural, vegan lip stain and the ONLY flower jelly lipstick to feature a real chrysanthemum inside.
  • POP-FOR-YOU PINK: This magical lip balm applies clear, then reacts with your lips’ natural pH levels to blossom into your own unique light pink tint, making it a fun gloss base for any makeup look.
  • LOTION FOR YOUR LIPS: Flower Balm’s secret plumping moisturizer formula is infused with nourishing vitamins for cool, all-day hydration and long-lasting moisture, allowing you to go hour-by-hour with very soft, kiss-worthy lips.
  • THE WINKY PROMISE: We set out to produce vegan cosmetics so you and your face look and feel unstoppable. Sealed with our Winky Promise of only cleaner, cruelty-free makeup formulas without sulfates, gluten, phthalates, or animal testing.
  • WHAT WE’RE ABOUT: A line of trendsetting beauty products made with a formula and packaging that's anything but ordinary. Always crafted with the most conscious ingredients, always at a price that’s nice, and always made to inspire you.
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  • Multiple usage scenarios: Four seasons tattoo lipstick, suitable for office workers, travel, parties, dating, bars, etc. This is a very convenient and very beautiful lip makeup set, easy to apply makeup, when you are out. It will always protect your lips and give you a different charm
  • Retouching contours: Our Tattoo Lipstick is a brand-new product. While retouching your lips, it can also make your face look more three-dimensional and beautiful, and the color is soft, not too dark or too obvious. After applying the tattoo lipstick with a brush, start from the hairline of the cheekbones and apply it to the corners of the mouth to outline the effect of the small face.
  • Long-lasting waterproof: It is not easy to fade when exposed to water, durable, full and bright in color, easy to apply, and not easy to lose makeup. It is a reliable Tattoo Lipstick that can last for a long time, and the lip skin feels comfortable and moisturized after use.
  • A variety of colors are available: We provide 5 colors, Multi-color combination allows you to no longer worry about how to choose colors. They can provide the perfect color for any lip makeup. you can choose the right lipstick according to your personal preference. Enriching the needs of consumers, more suitable for beginners, easy to learn, simple to operate, suitable for any occasion, especially dating, shopping, family visits, etc.
  • The perfect gift: Our Tattoo Lipstick can be used as a gift for your relatives, friends, lovers, couples, etc. There is no doubt that this will be a brand new Tattoo Lipstick, with a distinctive appearance design, to catch up with the fashion trend Breath. It will definitely make you reap a lot of joy.

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