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  • Benefits: Flower Infused lipstick / lip Balm, prevent chapped lips, care your lips. Healthy and safe, color is not easy to fade.
  • Color-changing: Hydrating / long lasting / shimmer / anti-aging / safe / several colour temperature change, so you have your exclusive lip color at different time.
  • Uniquely Gorgeous: Clear, gold-flaked jelly lipsticks, each one featuring a tiny dried flower inside.
  • Ingredient: Made with natural ingredients including vitamins E, candelilla wax, jojoba seed oil, plant extracts, healthy and safe.
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  • 【MULTIPLE COLOUR】-Make your makeup is no longer monotonous showing a beautiful face so you have a more perfect makeup different colors in order to make you different occasions do different you
  • 【EFFECT】-This lip gloss has a waterproof, non-stick cup effect, so you don't have to wipe off the lipstick to drink water or drink.
  • 【PERFECT CHOOSE】-Highlight the perfect lips make lips contour more perfect nature
  • 【COLOUR INTENSE】-Make you look naturally charming and elegant
  • 【NOTE】 -Please pay attention to trial in hand to see if there is unsuitable place so that you can better apply your skin to achieve the most perfect results,◆ we have express delivery and standard delivery. Standard delivery usually takes 15 days.Express usually takes 3 to 5 business days to arrive,but the shipping cost is also very high. Please pay attention when ordering.If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the seller ROPALIA, we will reply you at the first time.
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  • 【Features】Aloe vera jelly lipstick, crystal clear without makeup, waterproof and non-stick cup, can be easily removed by normal makeup remover.
  • 【Discoloration】Contains a temperature-changing formula. With the change of body temperature and HP value, the lip color changes like magic, creating your own color.
  • 【Plant Ingredients】It has unique natural plant ingredients, rich in aloe vera extract, which replenishes the lip skin, plumps and nourishes, and refines lip lines.
  • 【Effect】Effects lips with skin elasticity, long-lasting color, volume and hydration.
  • 【Applicable Occasions】6-color aloe vera color-changing lipstick, suitable for professional and home use, makes a difference from the start of makeup. Your color is in your hands. It is a good gift choice for relatives and friends.
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  • Bright Honey Crystal Jelly Lipstick Magic Temperature Change Color Lip Balm Makeup.
  • This conditioning lip balm provides long lasting moisture with a blend of skin softening botanicals.
  • Can according to the temperature and humidity of lips,adjust the depth of the lip color.
  • Lip balm + Lipstick : Not only caring for lips, but you can also enjoy rich pigmented color on your lips
  • Package Including:2 Pcs Nourishing Moisturizer Lipstick
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  • Natural plant extracts to preserve lips. Syntetic beeswax: The organic acids and vitamins contained in beeswax can promote cell differentiation and regeneration.
  • Natural crystal: natural crystal, to stimulate lip circulation and wake up the chakras enriched with nourishing and hydrating properties.
  • Vitamin E: Antioxidan & repair damaged soft & Smooth lip skin.
  • Each lip gloss has a different natural gem, Keep your lips feeling plush and looking lush, Natural plant extracts to preserve lips, all day defense & moisture, stay your lip young. The design is compact and easy to carry.
  • If the product is damaged during transportation or has other problems. You can contact us in time. Contacting is the best way to solve the problem.
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  • Moisturizing Lip gloss helps repair the problems of dry and cracked lips, moisturizes the lips, locks in moisture, shines without being sticky.
  • Lip gloss uses plant moisturizing formula to moisturize the lips. It also moisturizes and cares for lips while maintaining beauty.
  • Creamy lipstick adds a protective film to the lips to prevent problems such as dryness and cracking of the lips in winter, giving women the best company in winter.
  • Colored lip gloss can be used as a base for lip makeup, making lipstick smoother and easier to color.
  • Best Gift:The Lip Gloss is beautifully packaged and suitable as as Christmas and New Year gifts for family and friends.
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  • 【Fresh Fruit Flavor】 Six fresh fruit flavors, each of which is unique and attractive, enjoy the juicy fruit flavor. Contains: grapes, strawberries, oranges, lemons, apples, cherries.
  • 【Natural Ingredients-Moisturizing】 This product is made of pure natural fruit ingredients, contains natural ingredients that protect lips, and is rich in moisturizing ingredients, which can ensure your lips remain healthy and soft, effectively improve dryness and peeling of lips, moisturize lips, and prevent dry lips .
  • 【Roller Ball Design】These fun fruity lip glosses are very easy to use-bright and shiny colors look great, and they smell fruity! The roller-ball lip gloss design moisturizes the lips.
  • 【Suitable For All Ages】 Suitable for people of all ages, including children, adults, elderly, etc. It can be used on dry lips and chapped lips. Let you or your family's lips no longer dry.
  • 【Easy To Carry】 This lip gloss is small, cute and easy to carry. It can be put in pockets, purses and backpacks, and can moisturize lips at any time when traveling or traveling.
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  • Capacity: 4ml/0.14oz; 14 x Empty lip gloss wand tubes; 14 x Rubber stoppers; Warning: Please fill only 4/5 of the way, leaving enough space for the stopper and wand, otherwise the stopper will coming out when you put the wand in.
  • Safe Material: Our clear lipgloss tubes are made of AS plastic, non-toxic and odorless, safe and reliable to use, durable and waterproof, good sealing performance. Each empty cosmetic container comes with a rubber insert.
  • Full Transparent: Transparent bottle and transparent cap, you can see the remaining cosmetics easily. And it looks more beautiful when filled with colorful lip gloss.
  • Widely Used: Clear crystal lipgloss tube can be used to store lip glaze, lip gloss, lip oil, lip dye fluid, lip balm, perfume and other liquids. Good choices for beginners to practice, daily use or making lip gloss samples. Washable and reusable, easy and convenient to carry
  • Leak-proof Performance: The top cover of the lipgloss wand tube is sealed by rotation without leakage of liquid. Please not overfill the container, filling only 4/5 of the tube, leaving plenty of room for the stopper and wand.
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  • Crystal-clear design matches any decor and provides a fashion forward trend for your daily morning beauty routine. Multi-purpose 3D laster cut compartments that can hold lipsticks, brushes, concealers, nail polishes and lip gloss.
  • A makeup case that keeps all your drawers free of clutter associated with make-up products. Ideal makeup organizer gift for any occasion such as birthdays, Christmas, Mother’s Day, and Valentine’s Day.
  • Makes the ideal chic makeup box display case for storing, organizing, and displaying cosmetics in your home, beauty salon, or store. A perfect showroom display risers for all your product layouts and makeup brush sets.
  • Made to be used for professionals and home use to use in your everyday attire routine that will save you time. Trasparant material that is durable with a glass-like smooth quality. With 24 square compartments that can be used for eyelash brushes, lipstick organizer, contour brushes and other lattice cosmetics. Easy and simple way to keep organized!
  • Cosmetic case dimensions: 5.75" x 3.75" x 1.75". With 24 square compartments each measuring 1" inch. (Please Note: Makeup & Pens are NOT included)

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