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  • Color : Yellow
  • 2 Aa Batteries Required.
  • Item Package Weight: 10.4 Ounces
  • Power Source Type: Battery Powered
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  • Advanced Multi-Sense technology senses the wall in multiple locations simultaneously
  • Bright LEDs lights illuminate to indicate the position of hidden objects - making it very easy to visualize the position of studs
  • Identifies the width of hidden objects so that you not only know the position of hidden objects, but so you also know the size of them
  • Can identify the position of multiple studs simultaneously
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  • Eco-friendly Material: Made of High-density EVA and 1680D Material, premium Hard EVA to provide durability and a long-lasting performance.
  • Perfect Fit: Specially designed for Franklin Sensors ProSensor 710 710+ Professional Stud Finder.
  • Convenient Design: Comfortable handle for easy portability,Comes with specially mesh pocket for other accessories,Smooth but strong double zipper are easy for opening and closing, giving you a better using experience.
  • Great Protection: Stylish and Durable,prevents any damages or scratches caused by accidentally bumping,dropping, secures the device in good condition on travelling or outdoors.
  • For sale is case only(device and accessories are not included).
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  • Sleek design, a case designed for prosensor 710 franklin sensors precision stud finder, fits perfectly. The hard shell of this franklin prosensor 710 is black You can put the stud finder franklin in a hard case specially designed for the prosensor 710 franklin sensors precision stud finder for easy portability when you go out.
  • This franklin stud finder hard case, the interior is made of high quality velvet, the soft inner structure ensures the protection of the franklin prosensor 710 stud finder. The franklin stud finder 710 has a hard case with a mesh design on one side to store your prosensor 710 franklin sensors accessories and soft storage on the other side for your franklin prosensor 710.
  • This stud finder franklin hard shell case is made of high quality EVA material, which is shockproof, dustproof and waterproof, it can protect your franklin stud finder from shocks and splashes when you go out to carry. Put the franklin prosensor 710+ stud finder in the box after using the franklin stud finder 710 at home to prevent the prosensor 710+ franklin sensors from accumulating dust.
  • This hard case designed for franklin prosensor 710 keeps your stud finder franklin safe, convenient and lightweight. The classic zipper design makes it easy to open and close. This franklin stud finder hard case can better protect your device. It is very practical and convenient.
  • This hard case designed for precision sensors stud finder is very easy to carry and use. Whether you're at work or at home, just unzip the hard case and take out the franklin stud finder 710 and you're ready to go anywhere. The long-term protection of the device by the case also greatly extends the life of the franklin stud finder 710 (note: only the case is sold, franklin prosensor 710 stud finder and accessories are not included)
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  • PERFECT FIT: Uniquely designed Hard Case to fit perfectly your Franklin Sensors ProSensor 710 / 710+ Precision Stud Finder. Case only
  • 100% SAFE: Water Resistance, Shockproof & Dust-proof to protect your device safely and securely With easy grip handle
  • SUPER CONVENIENT: This case is lightweight and compact with specifically designed mesh pocket for small Accessories
  • CASE ONLY: For travel and storage (device and accessories are sold separately) Material: High-Quality EVA, Color: Black
  • DIMENSIONS: Outer 8.35" L x 4.2" W 2.4" H -- Inner 7.68" L x 3.7" W 1.7" H - CLICK the orange button to order yours now!
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  • Tailored stud finder case: Stud finder wall scanner storage box is designed for Franklin Sensors ProSensor 710/ 710+ Precision Stud Finder. There is enough space for you to put in and get out of magnetic stud finder organizer easily. Inside dimensions of zircon stud finder holder: 8.26*3.74*1.97 inches. (Only empty case)
  • Stud finder magnet case with premium protection: For franklin stud finder container made of high quality EVA material, is waterproof, dust-proof and scratch-proof. Wall stud finder carrying box protects against any damage or scratches caused by accidental bumps, drops, or throwing in the kit. This stud-finder travel bag protects for franklin sensors 710 and prolongs its life when it is tossed in a bag, toolbox or truck.
  • Studfinder tool bag with mesh pocket: Storage case for franklin 710 stud finder is equipped with a mesh pocket for pencils, some extra batteries, manuals and other accessories. Remove the batteries from stud finder and put in mesh pocket without risking battery corrosion damage. The mesh pocket has a zipper to prevent your accessories from sliding out and rubbing against for franklin prosensor 710.
  • Wall scanner protective bag with double zipper: Carrying holder for franklin sensors stud finder has a smooth and sturdy double zipper, so you can zip it in either direction. If one zipper hang up, you have the other zipper to open and close for prosensor 710 case. The color of zipper matches the color for franklin stud finder 710 plus, and yellow as a warm color to soothe your mood.
  • Hard storage bag is easy to carry: The stud finder tool holder with a detachable hand strap, allows you to easily take it to the workplace. You can also throw for franklin stud sensor in your toolbox, it won't take up much space and also protects for prosensor 710 franklin sensors. If precision stud finder container you received is defective, a full refund is provided. Outside dimensions of precision sensors organizer : 9.05*4.52*2.95 inches.
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  • PERFECT FIT: We've specifically designed the case to fit your Franklin ProSensor 710 / 710+. OUTER DIMENSIONS: 8.4" L ¨C 5.2" W ¨C 2.6" H.
  • 100% SAFE: Hard quality EVA material is Semi-waterproof, Shockproof and Durable to protect your Stud Finder from impacts and splashes.
  • TRAVEL PARTNER: This hard case for Stud Finder is lightweight and compact to fit in your backpack, carry-on or luggage for improved traveling protection.
  • CONVENIENT DESIGN: Steady detachable hand strap for portability, Smooth but strong 360 degree zipper for easy Opening and Closing.
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  • Hard travel case for Franklin Sensors ProSensor 710+ 710 5000+ T13 Professional Stud Finder. (For sale is case only, Device and Accessories are not included.)
  • The case is shockproof, dustproof and Semi-waterproof. Highly durable material, this case is made of high-density EVA material, the hard case can effectively absorb impacts and reduce damages caused by accidentally bumping.
  • CONVENIENT DESIGN: You can easy to carry your device. Classic zipper convenience for easy in Opening and Closing.
  • EASY TO CARRY: This hard travel case is lightweight and compact can fit in your backpack or luggage. You can easy to carry your tools during outdoor activities.
  • Risk-free Purchase: We will 100% full refund, if there are quality problems, this is totally risk-free buy. CLICK the Orange button to Order Now!
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  • MATERIAL: The HESPLUS Hard Case is made of PREMIUM SEMIHARD and SEMI WATERPROOF EVA to provide excellent protection.
  • PERFECT FIT: Designed to fit Franklin Sensors ProSensor 710+ 710 5000+ T13 Professional Stud Finder
  • ALL AROUND PROTECTION: The durable,anti-static, shockproof case prevents any damages or scratches caused by accidentally bumping,dropping or when thrown into tool carryalls.
  • MESH POCKET: A mesh pocket for accessories such as the cable,pencil or other compatible accessories.
  • EASY TO USE: Durable zipper allows easy access in opening and closing; It also features a wrist strap for easy portability on the go.
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as of May 21, 2022 8:25 pm


  • High grade EVA condition:Stud finder case is made of high quality EVA to provide durable and a long-lasting performance!
  • Perfect fit:We have specially designed the case to suit your Franklin Sensors FS710PROProSensor!
  • Fashion look: This case features a sharp fashion look!
  • 100% Safe:The case is semi waterproof, shockproof, stylish and durable. Classic zipper design makes opening and closing easy and simple!

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