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  • 4 oz hip Flask - quality stainless steel Flask inside the 'good book'. Hard backed with gold detailing and gold gilded pages. Perfect for smuggling alcohol anywhere
  • Great novelty gift idea - unique secret Santa present or stocking filler at Christmas, for birthdays, weddings & other occasions. The metal Flask is easy to personalize for that special someone
  • Ideal fancy Dress costume - the perfect accessory to take your costume to the next level - dress as a nun, vicar, Bishop or Cardinal with the Bible hidden hip Flask
  • Lightweight & compact - mini Flask that's a great portable drinking solution for festivals, train journey's or parties. This gadgets the perfect way of keeping your drinks a secret
  • Durable & Leak proof - made of durable, anti-rust, polished silver stainless Steel, this pocket sized whiskey Flask is Leak proof with its secure screw top
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  • Please check the images on the left and dimensions in description carefully before you order. The actual product may be smaller than you think. This is the most common reason of product returns.
  • The best place to hide anything is in plain sight.
  • The diversion safe is a unique home-security product that allows you to discreetly store your valuables in these containers that blend in with other items on your shelves
  • We offer a wide variety of diversion can safes with removable tops and bottoms. Each is indistinguishable from the genuine product and is even weighted to feel full.
  • Dimension: 3.25 X 3.25 X 7.5 inches
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  • Your friends will be amazed when this ordinary looking can turns in to a secret hiding spot. The only problem is that then they would know where you hide your good stuff! Better yet, get 2 so they can have their own secret compartment!
  • ✔️ FEEL SECURE in knowing that your valuables are hiding in plain sight. This ingenious design gives you quick access to any small item you want readily available, but never found.
  • ✔️ HIGH QUALITY - Looks the same as a regular canned good. Ideal for hiding smaller items like drug medication, rolled up dollar bills, rings, earrings, and micro sd cards.
  • ✔️ EASY TO USE - To open, unscrew the false bottom and store anything you don't want to be found. Safe dimensions are: 4.4 inches tall x 2.9 inches in diameter.
  • GUARANTEED: We stand by all our products with a 100% money back guarantee, no questions asked.
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  • IT’S A REAL BRUSH - The Stash N Style brush safe with hidden compartment does not just look like a real brush, it is a real hair brush. A stylish leopard print handle and round brush head with massaging bristles work to brush and style hair just like any other hair brush on the market.
  • IDEAL FOR DORM ROOMS and NOSEY ROOMMATES - Do you share your space with roomies? Keep your secret stash and money hidden in plain sight in this disguised safe that is also a real functioning hair brush with soft rounded bristles. Use it a couple times to deposit some hair and no one will ever guess there is a hidden compartment inside it.
  • HIDE ALL KINDS OF THINGS - Use this leopard print brush secret storage as a jewelry, money or mini safe for travel. You can store bills rolled up inside the secret compartment, or tuck away a passport, rings, necklaces, and just about anything you don't want easily discovered.
  • HARD TO RECOGNIZE DIVERSION SAFE - While there are many hiding containers for money and valuables, few are disguised so well as this. Secret hiding containers like book safes, lock boxes, stash cans and bottle safes can disguise your valuables but take up room in your luggage and don't offer a convincing secondary use like styling your hair.
  • DUAL PURPOSE TRAVEL SAFE - Hidden compartment containers make ideal hiding places. Include this portable safe in your travels and make the most of its secret compartment for your hidden stash. Use as a beach safe or leave it in plain sight in your hotel room and enjoy your travels.
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  • 8-12 Men, W 10-14 (US) Size Shoe Soles:Can be trimmed both horizontally and vertically for a discreet container in nearly any shoe.
  • Secret Hiding Containers Car:Just leave a pair of shoes with Storage Soles in them.
  • Designed in USA for Everyday Wear:Made from PU Foam, the same as top insole brands. Maximum comfiness with minimal thickness.
  • Beach Safe for Valuables:Take your shoes with you, and use them as diversion safes and containers. (Not Waterproof)
  • Secret hidden storage for A Ring, Medicine, Cash, Keys, and more. No more large or sketchy pocket items.
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  • Keep your items safe: the hair brush diversion safe stash can store an small jewelry, money, cash, mini key and other small items; With high security, its secret false top unscrews can make the stash safer
  • Sufficient capacity: hair brush stash container measures about 0.78 inches in diameter and 2.7 inches in depth, and it can provide enough space for up to 12-15 rolled banknotes; Enough capacity to meet your needs for storing money, jewelry
  • Nice camouflage: the hair brush is designed to blend in with other daily necessities to separate precious items from possible stolen items; It can be safely stored ordinary places, including bathroom drawers, cabinets and handbags; A thief will never want to find precious items in a comb
  • Multifunction: the diversion hair brushes can not only fix and organize your hair, but also create beautiful hairstyles for you, making you more elegant and charming; Made with sturdy but gentle bristles, it can effectively detangle tresses; Nice for wavy or straight hair
  • Travel essentials and gift choice: with stylish appearance and compact size, hair brush hidden compartment is the essentials on travel and also a gift choice to relatives or friends; It is suitable for both men and women, and people of most ages; You’ll love using this handy tool wherever you go
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  • GREAT WAY TO KEEP VALUABLES SECURE WHEREVER YOU GO: This diversion safe hair brush can hold small jewelry, money, cash, keys, pills, and other small objects. Its concealed false top unscrews to make the stash safer. TRAVAH provides the ideal diversion safe hair brush for stashing valuables out of sight. With this top-of-the-line multifunctional hair brush, you can worry less and enjoy life more!
  • SEAMLESS DESIGN: This hair brush can accommodate flash drives, rolled dollar bills, personal items, or other valuables you want to keep hidden in plain sight and screws on invisibly so no one can tell! If you don't want anyone to suspect you have cash in the house when you're away from home, keep your money in this completely functional hair brush.
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL: This diversion hair brush is multifunctional in that it can not only comb your hair, but also create stunning hairstyles for you, making you look more elegant and appealing. It can easily detangle tresses thanks to its robust but gentle bristles. It works great on wavy or straight hair.
  • DOESN'T STAND OUT: The hair brush is designed to mix in with other everyday essentials to help keep valuable objects safe. It can be kept in a variety of ordinary locations, including bathroom drawers, cabinets, and handbags; A thief would never consider looking for valuables in a comb. It's ideal for vacations or any other situation where you might need to leave your suitcase unattended.
  • 100% SATISFACTION: We want to make sure you get the most bang for your buck, so we're offering you a money-back lifetime guarantee. If you need assistance or have questions, we have a full-time local support team ready to assist you. Now is the time to add the best safe storage hair brush to your cart and look forward to using it!
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  • This product is 2.95" x 4.4" which is true-to-size of the original product, good for holding cash and jewelry.
  • The best place to hide anything is in plain sight,no one will ever suspect this is a hidden safe.
  • The bottom screws off to reveal the secret stash area.
  • This is a great gift for new homeowners, college students, city dwellers, grandparents, and anyone else who needs to protect their valuables.
  • Looks exactly like the real product because is manufactured from a new original Peach Halves Container
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  • What will you get: there are 2 pieces of secret travel containers in the package, 1 each for burgundy and black; Secret false top unscrews provide high security, you can use them to store small jewelry, money, cash, mini keys, pills and other small items, making your stash safer
  • Right size: the diameter is about 0.78 inches, the depth is about 2.7 inches, and this secret stash hair brush has enough room for up to 12 - 15 rolled banknotes; The stylish look and compact size make you love this handy brush no matter where you go
  • Real camouflage: the travel safe diversion hair brush is designed to be integrated with other daily necessities to separate valuables from items that may be stolen; It can be safely placed in common places, such as bathroom drawers, cabinets and handbags; Thieves never want to find valuables in the comb
  • Keep elegant: with a sturdy construction and soft bristle, the travel container is an effective way to comb your hair; It not only holds and arranges your hair, but also creates beautiful hair, whether wavy, curly or straight, it makes your hair more elegant and attractive
  • Easy to hide: just unscrew the top of the secret and insert your tightly rolled banknotes or small accessories, very simple and quick; The household stash brush is a nice present choice for men, women, friends, relatives, family and so on, sending your love and care
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  • OPRAH’S FAVORITE THINGS 2018: Introducing the 20oz Bindle Bottle! A 2-in-1 water bottle that combines stainless steel, double-wall vacuum-insulated technology with a spacious storage compartment container that will become your inseparable companion during all your outdoor adventures!
  • A MUST-HAVE FOR YOUR DAY-TO-DAY LIFE: Perfect for men, women and kids, this water bottle with storage compartment works great as an diversion safe accessory to the office or the gym as it can hold your keys, cash, snacks, protein powder and any other valuables. The ideal stainless steel water bottles for the outdoor, survival, fitness, and workout enthusiast!
  • KEEPS YOUR DRINKS AT JUST THE RIGHT TEMPERATURE: Featuring a leakproof cap and made from food-grade stainless steel and BPA-free components, our vacuum insulated flask can keep your beverages hot or cold, at just the right temperature for up to 12 hours, depending on the outside temperature. Great as a sports water bottle, workout water bottle, or hiking water bottle!
  • THE PERFECT PLACE TO CONCEAL YOUR PERSONAL ITEMS: Nobody will ever think twice about what else could be inside a water bottle, making it the perfect place to keep your credit card, cash, keys, money, credit cards, or any other daily essentials. Free up some valuable space in those pockets as you head out on your next adventure while stealthily protecting your valuables!
  • CUP HOLDER FRIENDLY REUSABLE WATER BOTTLE: This patented (U.S. Pat. 10,427,825) vacuum insulated water bottle is the first to market that features an integrated spacious water bottle storage compartment. The Bindle Bottle can be used to prepare your protein shake, hold your tea crackers, keep ice on deck for your whiskey, or safely stash cheese to pair with your wine. The possibilities are endless, so add a Bindle Bottle to your cart and add an extra layer of convenience to your everyday life!

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