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  • New GB118WJSA Replacement Smart TV Remote Control Fit for Sharp Aquos TV GB005WJSA GB004WJS GA890WJSA
  • GB118WJSA compatible with sharp tv :LC60C6600U LC-60C6600U LC60EQ10U LC-60EQ10U LC60EQ30U LC-60EQ30U LC60LE660U LC-60LE660U LC60LE661U LC-60LE661U LC60SQ10 LC-60SQ10 LC60SQ10U LC-60SQ10U LC60SQ15U LC-60SQ15U LC60SQ17 LC-60SQ17 LC60SQ17U LC-60SQ17U LC60TQ15U LC-60TQ15U LC60UD27U LC-60UD27U LC60UQ17U LC-60UQ17U LC70C6600U LC-70C6600U
  • LC70EQ10U LC-70EQ10U LC70EQ30U LC-70EQ30U LC70LE660U LC-70LE660U LC70LE661U LC-70LE661U LC70SQ10 LC-70SQ10 LC70SQ10U LC-70SQ10U LC70SQ15U LC-70SQ15U LC70SQ17 LC-70SQ17 LC70SQ17U LC-70SQ17U LC70TQ15U LC-70TQ15U LC70UD27U LC-70UD27U LC70UQ17U LC-70UQ17U LC80LE661U LC-80LE661U LC80UQ17U LC-80UQ17U
  • No programming or paring is needed.Just install new batteries to work!
  • US Seller, Faster shipping and excellent service
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  • No programming required. Just install batteries and it will work well.
  • Fit for Sharp TV Models: LC60C6600U, LC-60C6600U, LC60EQ10U, LC-60EQ10U, LC60EQ30U, LC-60EQ30U, LC60LE660U, LC-60LE660U, LC60LE661U, LC-60LE661U, LC60SQ15U, LC-60SQ15U, LC60TQ15U, LC-60TQ15U, LC60UD27U, LC-60UD27U, LC60UQ17U, LC-60UQ17U, LC70C6600U, LC-70C6600U, LC70EQ10U, LC-70EQ10U, LC70EQ30U, LC-70EQ30U, LC70LE660U, LC-70LE660U, LC70LE661U, LC-70LE661U, LC70SQ15U, LC-70SQ15U, LC70TQ15U, LC-70TQ15U, LC70UD27U, LC-70UD27U, LC70UQ17U, LC-70UQ17U, LC80LE661U, LC-80LE661U, LC80UQ17U, LC-80UQ17U
  • LC52C6400U LC52LE640U LC60C6400U LC60LE640U LC70C6400U LC70LE640U LC80LE633U LC60C6400U LC60LE640UA LC80LE633UB LC52LE640 LC60C6500U LC60LE640 LC60LE650U LC70C6500U LC70LE640 LC70LE650U LC52C6400 LC52C6400U LC52LE640 LC60C640 LC52LE640U0 LC60C6400U LC60C6500 LC60C6500U LC60C7500 LC60C7500U LC60LE550 LC60LE550U LC60LE640 LC60LE640U LC60LE640UA LC60LE640UB LC60LE640UC LC60LE640UD LC60LE650 LC60LE650U
  • LC60LE750U LC70C6400 LC70C6400U LC70C6500 LC70C6500U LC70C7500 LC70C7500U LC70LE640 LC70LE640U LC70LE650 LC70LE650U LC70LE750 LC70LE750U LC80C6500 LC80C6500U LC80LE633 LC80LE633U LC80LE642 LC80LE642U LC80LE650 LC80LE650U LC40LE830U LC40LE830UA LC40LE830UB LC40LE832U LC40LE832UB LC40LE835 LC40LE835U LC42LE540 LC42LE540U LC42LE540U LC46LE540 LC46LE540U LC46LE540U LC46LE830U LC46LE830UB LC46LE830UC LC46LE832U LC46LE832UB LC46LE832UC LC46LE835 LC46LE835U LC52C6400U
  • LC52LE640U LC52LE830U LC52LE832U LC52LE835 LC52LE835U LC60C6400U LC70LE655U LC70LE657U LC70LE732U LC70LE733U LC70LE734U LC60C7450U LC60C8470U LC60LE632U LC60LE633U LC60LE640U LC60LE655U LC60LE655U LC60LE657U LC60LE745 LC60LE745U LC60LE755U LC60LE830U LC60LE831U LC60LE832U LC60LE832UB LC60LE835 LC60LE835U LC60LE845 LC60LE845U LC60LE847U LC70C6400U LC70C6400U LC70C7450U LC70C8470U LC70LE632U LC70LE633U LC70LE640U LC70LE640U LC70LE655U LC70LE735U LC70LE745U LC70LE845U LC70LE8470U LC70LE847
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as of May 8, 2022 12:45 pm


  • ►Perfect replacement for Sharp Smart TV remoteen , New GB118WJSA Remote, no program needed.
  • ►This is the best replacement remote when your original remote is broke or got lost.
  • ►It is easy to operate and use without programming or pairing, and the keys are sensitive.
  • ►High quality alternative remote control, suitable for Sharp GB118WJSA Smart TV remoteen
  • ►Amazon warehouse delivery, fast delivery! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, thank you!
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  • No programming required. Just install batteries and it will work well.
  • This replaced remote fits for sharp tv : C70LE845U , LC70LE8470U, LC70LE847U, LC70UD1U LC-70UD1U, LC80LE632U, LC-80LE632U LC80LE633U, LC-80LE633U LC80LE657U LC80LE844U, LC80LE844UB LC90LE745U
  • We will test it before shipment. Our products have 100% satisfaction guarantee, if you are not satisfied with your purchase for any reason, please feel free to contact us.
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as of May 8, 2022 12:45 pm


  • Compatible with models: LC60C6600, LC-60C6600, LC60C6600U, LC-60C6600U, LC60EQ10, LC-60EQ10, LC60EQ10U, LC-60EQ10U, LC60EQ30U, LC-60EQ30U, LC60LE660, LC-60LE660, LC60LE660U, LC-60LE660U, LC60LE661U, LC-60LE661U, LC60SQ10, LC-60SQ10, LC60SQ10U, LC-60SQ10U, LC60SQ15, LC-60SQ15, LC60SQ15U, LC-60SQ15U, LC60SQ17, LC-60SQ17, LC60SQ17U, LC-60SQ17U, LC60TQ15, LC-60TQ15, LC60TQ15U, LC-60TQ15U, LC60UD27, LC-60UD27, LC60UD27U, LC-60UD27U, LC60UQ17, LC-60UQ17, LC60UQ17U.
  • LC-60UQ17U, LC70C6600, LC-70C6600, LC70C6600U, LC-70C6600U, LC70EQ10, LC-70EQ10, LC70EQ10U, LC-70EQ10U, LC70EQ30U, LC-70EQ30U, LC70LE660, LC-70LE660, LC70LE660U, LC-70LE660U, LC70LE661U, LC-70LE661U, LC70SQ10, LC-70SQ10, LC70SQ10U, LC-70SQ10U, LC70SQ15, LC-70SQ15, LC70SQ15U, LC-70SQ15U, LC70SQ17, LC-70SQ17, LC70SQ17U, LC-70SQ17U, LC70TQ15, LC-70TQ15, LC70TQ15U, LC-70TQ15U, LC70UD27U, LC-70UD27U.
  • LC70UQ17, LC-70UQ17, LC70UQ17U, LC-70UQ17U, LC80LE661U, LC-80LE661U, LC80UQ17, LC-80UQ17, LC80UQ17U, LC-80UQ17U.
  • No programming or pairing is required, easy to operate and use.
  • Batteries not included.
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as of May 8, 2022 12:45 pm


  • LC-60C6600U, LC-60EQ10U, LC-60LE660U, LC-60SQ15U, LC-60TQ15U, LC-60UQ17U, LC-70C6600U, LC-70EQ10U, LC-70LE660U, LC-70SQ15U, LC-70TQ15U, LC-70UQ17U, LC-80UQ17U, LC-60C6600, LC-60EQ10, LC-60LE660, LC-60SQ10, LC-60SQ10U, LC-60SQ15, LC-60SQ17, LC-60SQ17U, LC-60TQ15, LC-60UD27, LC-60UD27U, LC-60UQ17, LC-70C6600, LC-70EQ10, LC-70LE660, LC-70SQ10, LC-70SQ10U, LC-70SQ15, LC-70SQ17, LC-70SQ17U, LC-70TQ15, LC-70UD27U, LC-70UQ17, LC-80UQ17
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as of May 8, 2022 12:45 pm


  • New replaced remote
  • Easy to use, just need put new batteries to use. No need to set up
  • This replacement remote compatible with sharp tv LC40LE830UB LC40LE832U LC40LE832UB LC40LE835 LC40LE835U LC42LE540 LC42LE540U LC42LE540U LC46LE540 LC46LE540U LC46LE540U LC46LE830U LC46LE830UB LC46LE830UC LC46LE832U
  • LC46LE832UB LC46LE832UC LC46LE835 LC46LE835U LC52C6400U LC52LE640U LC52LE830U LC52LE832U LC52LE835 LC52LE835U LC60C6400U LC60C7450U LC60C8470U LC60LE632U LC60LE633U LC60LE640U LC60LE655U LC60LE655U LC60LE657U LC60LE745
  • LC60LE832UB LC60LE835 LC60LE835U LC60LE845 LC60LE845U LC60LE847U LC60C6400U LC60LE640U LC70C6400ULC70C6400U LC70C6400U LC70C7450U LC70C8470U LC70LE632U LC70LE633U LC70LE640U LC70LE640U LC70LE655U
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as of May 8, 2022 12:45 pm


  • Gvirtue universal remote control compatible replacement for Sharp AQUOS Smart TV/ HDTV/ 3D/ LCD/ LED. Applicable various Sharp brand models: LC70LE657U LC70LE745 LC70LE745U LC70LE757U LC70LE845U LC70LE847 LC70LE847U LC70LE857U LC80LE657U and more.
  • Work right out box without any programming for 99% Sharp TV. For another 1% Sharp TV, the remote can be setup simply and easily with instruction.
  • This item is selling without batteries, customers need to buy 2 AAA batteries in local store by themselves and put the batteries in then it works.
  • Hot-keys: Smart Central, Netflix, 3D, Surround and Customize your own! Hotkey shortcuts to most popular Sharp Smart TV functions.
  • Compatible Remote Model Name: GA935WJSA GA806WJSA GA840WJSA GA480WJSB GB004WJSA GB118WJSA GB004WJSA GB005WJSA GJ221-C GJ221-R.
 in stock
as of May 8, 2022 12:45 pm


  • High quality, brand new replacement remote for Sharp TV
  • Check before shipping, Hassle-Free Return, 30 days quality warranty, refund unconditionally
  • Pre-programmed, No programming needed ( can't be programmed again)
  • Package contain: 1 remote Only, batteries and instruction are Not included
  • Standard shipping, almost 6 - 16 days to arrive ( if not received over 25 please kindly contact us)
 in stock
as of May 8, 2022 12:45 pm


  • New Replaced Remote Control GB118WJSA compatible with GB005WJSA GA890WJSA GB004WJSA for Sharp AQUOS TV LC60C6600U LC60EQ10U LC60LE660U LC60SQ10 LC60SQ10U LC60SQ15U LC60SQ17 LC60SQ17U LC60TQ15U LC60UD27U LC60UQ17U LC70C6600U LC70EQ10U LC70LE660U LC70SQ10 LC70SQ10U LC70SQ15U LC70SQ17 LC70SQ17U LC70TQ15U LC70TQ15U LC70UD27U LC70UQ17U LC80UQ17U
  • LC-60C6600U LC-60EQ10U LC-60LE660U LC-60SQ10 LC-60SQ10U LC-60SQ15U LC-60SQ17 LC-60SQ17U LC-60TQ15U LC-60UD27U LC-60UQ17U LC-70C6600U LC-70EQ10U LC-70LE660U LC-70SQ10 LC-70SQ10U LC-70SQ15U LC-70SQ17 LC-70SQ17U LC-70TQ15U LC-70TQ15U LC-70UD27U LC-70UQ17U LC-80UQ17U
  • Power Supply: 2X 1.5V AAA Alkaline Battery
  • Package Content: 1X Remote Control (Battery doesn't included)
  • No programming needed. Just install new batteries can work well!

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