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  • MAKE MELTING FUN AGAIN - It is time for HOME SMELTING!Show off your projects to your friends! They will be impressed with the projects you create! We engineered the TMF 12000 Propane Melting Furnace to include the features most DIY guys want in propane melting.
  • PROVIDE LARGE COMPACITY - Smelting furnace Large size (9" x 9" x 15.15") provides max workspace, ideal exposure to the flames "sweet spot".With the 12K’s giant crucible, you can easily melt cans, sections of copper pipe, large aluminum scrap easily, safely, and quickly. It can melt 12KG copper, 24KG gold, 13.6KG silver, 3.5KG aluminum.
  • OUTSTANDING HEAT INSULATION - We beat the competition with 2" ceramic cotton + 1" refractory than competitor’s thin ceramic cotton version. Coated with our special refractory it can hold 2600° Fahrenheit (1425° Celsius Approx.), which increases the furnace’s fuel efficiency up to 40% and refractory life up to 50%.(NOTE: there might be some cracks inside the fireproof mud, no influence to its use though. If you care about this, pls think twice before ordering
  • WELL DESIGN FOR SAFETY - Adjustable regulator propane maintains a steady pressure measuring from 0-30 psi to control the heat with a precise level of accuracy. Our Propane hose measures 4FT (48in) long, QCC1/Type1 connector to 3/8" SAE Female Flare (5/8"-18UNF) connections, you can directly connect to your propane lp gas tank. Insulated lid holds heat in and keeps oxygen out for a cleaner melt, say no to any metal waste.
  • DELUXE KIT PROPANE FURNACE-ALL WHAT YOU NEED, Comes with the parcel is TMF12000 Propane Furnace, Single Burner Set,12KG Crucible,113ML Graphite Ingot Mold,30 PSI Adjustable Propane Regulator, Tongs, High-temperature Gloves, Instruction Manual.Please don’t hesitate to contact us if have any question about our product or the instruction. We will reply to you no more than 24 hours (Mostly under 12 hours) with the most satisfactory solution.
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  • Wide Application – Our propane melting furnace performs excellently in home smelting, helping you finish the work safely and efficiently whether you are a novice or an experienced craftsman. You can easily use this kit to smelt most of metals for waste recycling and value creation, which will satisfy your various kinds of needs.
  • Package Includes – 1 x Propane Furnace, 1 x Graphite Crucible, 1 x 30 PSI Adjustable Propane Regulator, 1 x Burner Air Intake, 1 x Brass Gas Nozzle, 1 x PTFE Tape, 1 x Ceramic Fiber Pad, 1 x Tong, 1 x Firebrick and 1 pair of gloves. This kit is ideal for melting gold, silver, copper, aluminium, brass, bronze, cast iron and more other metals.
  • Outstanding Performance – We use propane as the fuel since the heating efficiency and the highest temperature can both be reached much faster than those of the electrically heated melting furnace. The temperature will rise quickly to reduce your waiting time.
  • Superior Quality – The propane melting furnace is made from heavy duty steel and its burner nozzle is made from SS-304 material. Its heating zone is fully insulated with 1 inch thick Refractory Ceramic Fiber, and its cover is insulated with 2-3 inch Refractory Ceramic Fiber, which can resist temperature up to 2700°F (1482°C). A rigid Block of Refractory Fire Brick placed at bottom of the furnace will be a smooth and plain surface to hold the crucible without any inclination.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee – If you're not satisfied with this kit, simply return for a full refund in 30 days or get a replacement during 1 year warranty via our customer service.
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  • START MELTING METAL FOR FUN AND PROFIT From precious metals like old gold and silver jewelry, to the lowly aluminum can, Cast Master’s GG 3000 Furnace has the features you need
  • MORE THAN THE FURNACE We include a set of heat-resistant tongs, sturdy 3 KG crucible, furnace with 110/120v plug, and the most thorough manual available
  • CAST MASTER ELITE We’ve been selling and providing support for our furnaces here from the US for years. You can purchase with confidence
  • PERFECT FOR HOBBIEST AND PROFESSIONAL JEWELER ALIKE With a top temp of 2000°F you’ll never run out of uses
  • MAKES A GREAT GIFT Perfect for the up and coming artisan, amateur forger, scrap-metal collector, or lady blacksmith in your life
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  • Works with gold, brass, silver, copper, aluminum, and more
  • The ceramic crucibles can withstand temperatures up to 2500°F (1371°C)
  • Includes a pair of small whip tongs, plus a larger size that will securely hold the ceramic crucibles (this kit comes with the following sizes: 100 gram, 250 gram, 500 gram, and 750 grams)
  • *Use smaller tongs for the smaller crucibles, and the larger accommodates the 500 and 750 gram crucibles
  • Also features a 1 Kg graphite-clay foundry crucible, flask tongs, two 5/16" in diameter x 12" long graphite stir rods, and casting flux
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  • 【THREE UPGRADED VERSION】 TOAUTO V1.1 version melting furnace enlarge the base makes the center of gravity more stable, adding two handling handles and Install a heat insulation net to make handling more convenient, avoid contact with high temperature of furnace wall during heating, and effective thermal insulation.
  • 【RICH ACCESSORIES FOR FLEXIBILITY】Upgraded V1.1 version comes with rich accessories including 1KG graphite crucible +3KG graphite crucible +5-in-1 graphite ingot mold, enabling flexible combinations for melting with improved efficiency, professional use for the processing of precious metals, such as gold, sterling silver, and aluminum.
  • 【PROFESSIONAL & WORK EFFICIENTLY】TOAUTO melting furnace can be heated up to 1100 °C / 2000°F and can melt metals with a melting point below 1100 ° C in 40-55 Minutes such as gold, sterling silver, pure copper and aluminum.99.95% graphite crucible is specially designed for easy removal from the furnace, Insulated lid holds heat in and keeps oxygen out for a cleaner melt.
  • 【PRECISE & EASY CONTROL】Implanted the highest-end precision PID temperature control program, the machine can monitor and correct the actual temperature of each gold melting furnace at high speed with fast temperature compensation so that it will not overheat or cool. Extra buttons and settings make things confusing, so we got rid of them! With only 4 buttons on the control panel and an easy-to-read Digital LED display.
  • 【IDEAL 8-IN-1 SMELTER KILN KIT】Comes with the parcel is TOAUTO V1.1 version gold furnace machine / one 3kg graphite crucible / one 1KG graphite crucible /one coin graphite ingot mold/one forceps /one heat-resistant gloves/one power cord/ one Instruction manual. This smelting furnace is not only ideal for professional use of the industry and the workshop, but also a good melting helper at home.
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  • Humans have been working on metal since the dawn of recorded history, it was handmade but it is very attractive. We love it, and we've focused on metal smelting and forging for years. You are ready to begin your metalworking but aren’t sure where to start? Don’t worry, as GONGYI team, we’ve got you covered.
  • Heating fast, melt aluminum in about 10 mins.
  • This Propane Smelting Furnace works efficiently with melting Glass, Copper, Aluminum, Gold, Silver and other Scrap Metal Recycle (Can't melt steel). Suitable for DIY, jewelry processing applications.
  • Professional design for USA standard Propane Tank, includes gas hose and regulator(Input QCC type, Output 5/8") which can hook up to American standard Propane Tank directly.
  • WHAT YOU GET: Furnace, burner, gas hose with regulator, 6KG crucible, ONE pc fire pad, tongs, PTFE tape, manual.
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  • Trash to Treasure: Home smelting is becoming more and more common. With our 5 KG propane melting furnace, you are able to convert the scraps of copper and rotten iron into beautiful artworks. It will meet your different needs and indulge your passion for metal melting.
  • High Caliber Clay Graphite Crucible: Premium clay graphite crucible is made of high-density fine-grain graphite. It has excellent thermal conductivity, high heat endurance, and high impact endurance. Also, the placement of the burner increases fuel efficiency.
  • Powerful Heat Performance: Our propane casting furnace is equipped with a 76.8kW/h power single burner and adjustable 0-350 psi regulator, maximizing the heat efficiency. What's more, the round design and 3D heating system will make the temperature rise quickly.
  • Complete Melting Kit: In this propane melting furnace kit, we provide everything you need: a propane furnace, burner, 5 kg crucible, graphite ingot die, 0-350 psi adjustable propane regulator, crucible tongs, firebrick, protective gloves, 8.2 feet trachea, and Teflon tape. It's perfect for everyone, even for the beginner.
  • Wide Application: Foundry furnace is widely used for DIY, jewelry processing factories, jewelry shops, gold panning, and other industries. It is an inevitable product for a metalsmith, jewelers, and refiners.
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  • HOME SMELTING:The propane melting furnace designed and produced by us is an excellent choice for your home smelting. It is safe, efficient and economical.Whether you are a novice or an experienced craftsman, whether you want to create a unique gift or are committed to the environmentally friendly recycling of waste. This luxurious melting furnace suit can meet your needs.
  • EFFICIENT FUN: Output 135,000 BTU. Compared with the electrically heated melting furnace, we use propane as the fuel, which has absolute advantages in both the heating efficiency and the highest temperature that can be reached.The temperature rises quickly to reduce your waiting time, which can double your fun in the melting process. It is normal for the side of the melting furnace to turn red during use, don't worry!
  • WIDE RANGE USES: Because of the use of efficient burners and excellent ceramic fiber insulation materials, the inside of the furnace can be heated up to 1400°C/2552°F. With a large-capacity crucible, you can use this furnace to melt aluminum, copper, silver, gold and other metal materials. Burner doesn't work right not enough power? Check your air intake control is it opened.Check your regulator is it opened.Check gas tank is it full. Or disconnect PVC pipe and try to clear the injector pipe.
  • RELIABLE: We also do our best in details. The rotatable stainless steel handles on the furnace make it easy for you to carry them. They are durable. The three supporting feet below the furnace body ensure that the furnace will not tip over and isolate the heat from being transferred to the equipment on which the furnace is placed, thereby enhancing safety.Use hard ceramic fiber mats instead of fire brick in the furnace during heating. More advantages you can experience after use.
  • STANDARD: We have conducted a lot of experiments on our products.The operation steps, precautions and common problem solutions we have summarized are clearly listed in this listing and the manual in the package.Please read it carefully before using this furnace.If you have any questions before purchase and during use, please don't hesitate to contact us. Our professional team will give you a satisfactory reply within 16 hours.
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  • Safety: Come with CSA gas hose and regulator, professional design for working with America standard Propane Tank directly, Easy to use.
  • No Rust: Heavy Duty stainless steel 304 furnace body, long life design.
  • Reach High Temperatures Quickly: Heavy Duty stainless steel 304 gas burner offers 135,000 BTU output, melt copper wire in 15 minutes.
  • Pro Heat Insulation: Built-in ceramic fiber heat insulation Thickness up to 25mm, Excellent heat insulation effect.
  • All In One: The complete set covers all of the basics,includes leather gloves, #4 ingot mold (#4-2kg-113ml-3.82fl. oz), Furnace, burner, gas hose with regulator, 12KG crucible, fire pad, tongs, PTFE tape, carry bag, manual, worry-free 12-month warranty, technical support 24 hrs.
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  • 【YAY! ENJOY THE MELTING! 】-Turning waste into treasure, 6KG of crucible capacity means you can direct smelting of CPU's for gold and precious metals recovery or turn those old aluminum cans into $.We help you convert those scraps of copper and rotten iron into beautiful works of art, and the value will be increased by a hundredfold immediately.
  • 【POWERFUL HEAT PERFORMANCE】-Equipped with a single burner with 250000W/H power and adjustable 30 psi regulator propane maintains to maximize heat efficiency. Propane melting furnace can be heated up to 1300 °C / 2372 °F and can melt metals with a melting point below 1300 ° C in 15-20 Minutes such as gold, sterling silver, pure copper, and aluminum.
  • 【TWO COMPACITY FOR FLEXIBILITY】-Large - 6KG of LARGE crucible capacity means you can melt more anything such as 12KG gold,7KG silver,6KG copper,1.6KG aluminum.Small- After melting into a pure metal liquid, an object is definitely needed to contain this high-temperature substance, so we intimately provide a 113ML Graphite Ingot Mold.
  • 【OUTSTANDING HEAT INSULATION】-We beat the competition with 2" ceramic cotton + 1" refractory than competitor’s thin ceramic cotton version. Coated with our special refractory it can hold 2600° Fahrenheit (1425° Celsius Approx.), which increases the furnace’s fuel efficiency up to 40% and refractory life up to 50%.(NOTE: there might be some cracks inside the fireproof mud, no influence to its use though. If you care about this, pls think twice before ordering)
  • 【IDEAL CHOICE HOME MELTING】Perfect 8-in-1 melting kit, comes with the parcel are Propane Furnace /Single Burner /6KG Crucible /113ML Graphite Ingot Mold / 30 PSI Adjustable Propane Regulator /Tongs / High-temperature Gloves/ Instruction Manual. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if have any question about our product or the instruction.

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