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  • 【Elegant Design】The key chain printed with car logo is unique, perfectly matches with your cars. The key chain have durable materials, well-constructed design, and it’s convenient to use and carry the key chains no need to worry about losing your keys. The exquisite workmanship upgrade your taste.
  • 【Functionality】This key chain is used to organize your home, car, and office keys. It is practically suitable for both men and women. You can take it to everywhere without worrying about
  • 【Material】 This key chain are made of high grade polished Zinc-iron alloy material, which is shining and looks luxury and beautiful
  • 【Gifts】The gorgeous key chains are appropriated as gifts and can be applied to various occasions. With simple and elegant design,your friends and family will like it.
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as of May 25, 2022 9:23 am


  • Individual Design:The keychain with Tesla logo,perfectly matches with your cars.Unique buckle rotation,Make the keychain more perfect
  • Material:3D Chrome Tesla keychain is made of polished zinc alloy, scratch and rust resistant, smooth appearance, well-constructed design, and it’s convenient to use and carry the key chains no need to worry about losing your keys. The exquisite workmanship upgrade your taste.
  • Functionality:This Compatible with Tesla key chain is used to organize your home, car, and office keys. It is practically suitable for both men and women. You can take it to everywhere without worrying abou
  • Scenes:Simple and generous design as a gift, can be applied to all occasions, I believe your family and friends will like it.This key chain is very convenient and there is no need to worry about losing the key.
  • After-sales service: If you encounter any problems after purchasing the keychain, our customer service will solve your worries for you 24 hours.
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  • 【Upgrade quality】: The silicone connection part of the previous key cover is easy to break, we have upgraded it. Compared with the previous product, the silicone connection part of the key ring is thickened by 1mm, and contact part of the main body is expanded to make it more durable and not easy to break.
  • Offer great protection: the key fob cover is very perfect for protecting your key from scratches, damage, marks, and dust getting into the buttons.
  • Perfect fit for your key fob: the silicone key case is designed according to the original car key, it fits perfectly with your key fob, so perfectly protects the collision of the key in daily use. And key signal does not be blocked.
  • Great Friction: The key fob cover is made of silicone with great friction, so even if the key fob cover is not covered completely, your key fob will not fall off if you swing it back and forth.
  • Great packing: the auto remote key fob case is packed in box to make it look very elegant . It can be used as a gift for holiday, birthday, etc. If you have any questions about the product your purchased, kindly contact us at any time. We are always ready to solve any after-sales problems for you.
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  • Product Details - This stunning car keychain has a hook and loop for all your keys and can be attached to anything. This tesla keychain is perfect for tesla model s accessories for tesla model s, tesla key fob cover, tesla ring, tesla model s key chain.
  • Life Saver - never lose a key again you can add your tesla model s key fob cover, tesla model x key fob cover, model s tesla accessories with this tesla ring key and attach all your keys and key ring on it and even attach it to your pants, bookbag, handbag, and many other things.
  • Quality and style - leather style key chain with a hook and loop and latch to never lose your keys again. the metal emblem will shine and stand out, model x key chain , tesla model x keychain, tesla x key, tesla keychain model x
  • Best Value - all tesla owners voted this the top gift they want for their tesla as tesla accessories for all models, its great for all tesla keys, tesla accessories model x, tesla keychain model s, tesla model x model
  • ✅ Buy with confidence : if you don't LOVE our product we offer 100% money back GUARANTEE NO QUESTIONS ASKED!
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  • 100% leather cord, good hand feeling, unique screen printing process, more beautiful and durable
  • It can rotate 360 degrees, very stylish, convenient and practical
  • The material is of high quality, and the metal part is made of a new high-strength alloy. It is beautiful, durable, scratch-resistant and rust-resistant
  • Polish the plating on the entire surface of the metal, so that the car logo is in the middle of the metal, and emboss the car logo on the leather. The logo is smooth, wear-resistant and not easy to fade
  • This product can be used for car keys, motorcycle keys and family keys. Also suitable for birthday gifts, merchandise gifts or family holiday gifts!
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as of May 25, 2022 9:23 am


  • 100% Completely custom fit for your Model S key
  • Eco-friendly material,very high quality non-grippy silicone
  • Embrossed, so you can easy know which button where is
  • 2 colors options to match your car, and you can use different color
  • Offers great protection, even from drop of water - the battery compartment is completely enclosed
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  • [Material] The car key card is made of carbon fiber material, with pure color and high quality. Corrosion-resistant, high toughness, scratch-resistant, drop-proof and wear-resistant stability.
  • [Design] It is suitable for special car keys for Tesla Model 3X/Y, the customized size is accurate, and the degree of fit with the car key card is high. The unique design of the card key is simple and elegant, beautiful and exquisite. The hollow design on the back fully demonstrates the brand value.
  • [Specifications] Card holder size 2.4inX3.7in, 1:1:1 size tailored, suitable for Tesla model3X/Y card keys. Easy to install, fully wrapped car key card design, strengthen the protection of the card from bending. Easy interaction, the card signal is not affected. The signal is smooth and there is no barrier to transmission with the car.
  • [Convenient] Palm size, easy to hold or put in the pocket, neat and clean, stylish and stylish.
  • [After-sales service] If you have any objections to this product for any reason, please contact us and we will reply to your email immediately.
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  • 【Tailor-Made】 Specially customized for Tesla Model 3/Y/S, adopting original vehicle data for 1:1 development, 360-degree all-around fitting, perfect protection.
  • 【Unique Design】 The Tesla Key Holder has many colors and styles, Starry gray-Alloy keychain, Starry gray-Leather keychain, moonlight silver-Alloy keychain, moonlight silver-Leather keychain. The personalized and beautiful appearance makes your car key out of the ordinary, highlighting the owner's taste.
  • 【High-Quality Material】 It is made of aluminum alloy, which is the same material as MacBook. Very light, drop-proof and durable.
  • 【Protection Upgraded】 Wrapped with Soft TPU membrane, prevent button abrasion and scratches, anti-fingerprint.
  • 【No Signal Blocked】 With hollow design, it can be easily interacted and transmitted without obstacles.
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  • VERY EASY TO ATTACH; Measures 2" by 1.5" and fits perfectly and matches car key fob case cover.
  • NON METALl KEYCHAIN; Made of rubber silicone, can bend easily, lightweight and easy to carry.
  • DURABLE WITH NUMBER OF USES; Excellent gift idea, can be used with key card holder and valuable devices.
  • TESLA LOGO POWERED UNIQUE KEYCHAIN; With sentimental value, keep keys gathered together and secured.
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE; Please email our Customer Support Team and we will give your money back.
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  • Especially designed for the Tesla remotes.
  • Make space for all the buttons, you can use those buttons as usual.
  • Easy to install, fixed by screws. (The package include small screwdriver.)
  • Made by Premium Aluminum metal material, hard and durable. It will make your key fob conspicuous.
  • Protect the Tesla Remotes from scratch. And shock resistant. (There is a bunch of adhesive foam bits that stick to the inside of the metal to keep the key gently separated from the metal. To keep the metal case from scratching the Tesla remotes.)

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