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  • Connect up to 8 Wi-Fi Enabled Devices
  • Ultra-small, about the size of a credit card
  • Real-time reporting of data usage
  • 0.9in OLED display
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as of May 17, 2022 7:19 pm


  • ▶【COMPATIBILITY WITH】:This battery Compatibility With Verizon Ellipsis Jetpack MHS900L 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot , OEM Part #: V604454AR (MHS900L) (3.85V 3050mAh 11.74Wh)
  • ▶【HIGH QUALITY】:Our battery has a strict quality control standards, has passed the CE and ROHS certified.The battery was tested many times before it was delivered to the customer. A+ cells ensure longer battery life. This battery will provide you with up to 400 Lifetime Charge Cycles with a high-speed and efficient charge.
  • ▶【USAGE TIPS】:Optimum battery life with approximately 400 charging cycles. All BOANV Replacement Battery for Verizon Jetpack MHS900L 4G LTE has through CE and ROHS certification.We suggest you that charge the new battery more than 8 hours, and use up all the power of battery for the first three times before charging.That the extended battery can be reached the optimum effect of using.
  • ▶【NOTICE】: Never leave Hotspot plugged in to charge for longer than 24 hours. Allow battery to drain and re-charge. Leaving Hotspot plugged into charger without allowing battery to drain, may affect performance of battery and/or ruin battery/device. Hotspot should never be left to charge in direct sun, or extreme temperatures (0F/-18C - 113F/45C)
  • ▶【12 MONTHS FREE WARRANTY】: 12 months warranty, 30 day refund. If you receive a defective battery, please contact us as soon as possible. We offer replacement or refunds free of charge to ensure a satisfying shopping experience. Please click on "Boanv" next to "Sold" and then click on "Problem" to contact us, we will contact you within 24 hours.
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  • Fast Shipping: shipped from California, USA, delivery within 2-4 business days.
  • Compatible Model:MHS900L Wifi Hotspot Modem
  • Durable and Reliable: All batteries are tested before shipment, your phone will work as great as when you first got the device.
  • Customer Service: Please contact us if there is any problem with our product, we promise you a satisfaction resolution in 24 hours
  • Important Attention:Our battery may sent out with little or no power,Please make full charged first if phone can not turn on.It is recommended to fully drain and fully charge the battery especially during the first 3 charging and discharging cycles, doing so may greatly improve the overall life of the battery.
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  • ❤【HIGH CAPACITY BATTERY】Our Replacement Battery for MHS900L is made of world-class Li-Lolymer battery cell, the advanced technology makes our battery capacity up to 2600mAh with the same size. Our battery will provide you over 600 charging cycles with high-speed and efficient charging.
  • ❤【COMPATIBLE MODEL】Compatible with Verizon Ellipsis Jetpack MHS900L 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot , OEM Part #: V604454AR (MHS900L) (3.8V 2600mAh 10.01Wh)
  • ❤【TOP-LEVEL QUALITY】Our MHS900L Battery has UL, CE and Rohs certification. Every battery is manufactured and tested under strict quality control standards. Build-in microchip to prevent over-charging, over-discharging, short-circuit and over-heating.
  • ❤【KIND REMINDER】Never leave Hotspot plugged in to charge for longer than 24 hours. Hotspot should never be left to charge in direct sun, or extreme temperatures (0F/-18C - 113F/45C). Make sure to fully charge and discharge your new battery 3 to 5 cycles for Best Performance.
  • ❤【KIND REMINDER】If you are not satisfied with our product,please contact our friendly customer service through the "Contact Seller" feature,and we will do our very best to solve your problem quickly and efficiently! So you can purchase our products without any risk.
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  • Weight: 2.97 ounces
  • Battery Life: 6 hours
  • Feature: Connect up to 8 devices
  • Feature: Real-time data usage reporting
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  • Fit for:Verizon Ellipsis 8 QTAQZ3,Ellipsis 10,Ellipsis 7 QTAIR Tablet,Jetpack MiFi 6620L,4260,4260L,4510L,5510,5510L,Jetpack MHS700L,MHS800L,MHS890L,MHS900L Mobile Hotspot
  • Output:5.2V 2.1A Input:100-240V 50-60Hz
  • Small,Portable,Light-weight Easy to Move and Travel;Safety - All of our product lines are put through rigorous quality control procedures to ensure safe, reliable operation for years to come. In addition, our products are in compliance with top industry standards, and include numerous safety mechanisms, including protection against short circuiting, overvoltage, overcurrent, and internal overheating.
  • Package Includes: 1 X AC Adapter, 1 X 5Ft Power cable
  • Warranty: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee/12 Months Warranty
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as of May 17, 2022 7:19 pm


  • Comptible for Verizon Ellipsis 7/8/10 Tablet,Verizon Jetpack Mobile Hotspot AC791L,EPIK Learning Tab 7”Kids 8”Kids Tablet
  • Micro-USB to USB Cable - Long 5Ft - For use with Verizon tablet
  • Compact connectors to ensure a solid, high quality connection and fast charging speed between the connected devices
  • Supports Hi-Speed USB 2.0 Universal Data Transfer Speed at up to 480 Mbps
  • Service: 30-day refund, 3-month warranty and lifetime friendly customer service.
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as of May 17, 2022 7:19 pm


  • MHS900L Battery Compatibility: The Verizon Ellipsis Jetpack MHS900L 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot , OEM Part #: V604454AR (MHS900L) (3.8V 2100mAh 7.98Wh)
  • High Qulity: The MHS900L Battery Battery is manufactured and tested under strict quality control standards.Passed FCC, CE and RoHS certification, reliable quality.
  • Upgraded Spare Battery: This Grade A cells battery will provide you with up to 500 Lifetime Charge Cycles with a high-speed and efficient charge.Internal chips prevent the battery from overheating, circuiting, overcharging, discharging and short-circuiting.
  • Specifications: This MHS900L Battery replacement battery has a capacity of 2100 mAh,Lithium Ion material, 3.8V Voltage, will make your phone's battery life will be as good as new!
  • Customer Service Guarantee: 24-hour customer service support, 30-day full refund, 24-month quality warranty.If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
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as of May 17, 2022 7:19 pm


  • Never be left without a charge by carrying an extra battery for your ellipsis jetpack mhs900l.
  • Do you miss your 900l battery life when you just bought it? HDCKU replacement battery for jetpack mhs900l will back to your device in new life with affordable prices. Enjoy the same using time like you were playing ellipsis jetpack mhs900l battery for the first time.
  • Replacement Battery for Verizon Ellipsis Jetpack MHS900L 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot is Compatible with OEM Part #: V604454AR (MHS900L).
  • Every HDCKU battery replacement for verizon ellipsis jetpack mhs900l is tested by professional tester under strict quality control standards.
  • Dose your Jetpack form Verizon hot spot draining fast?Do you charge your MHS900L battery frequently in one day? Do you need to keep charging when you are using 900l battery ? If you are facing one of so many annoyances, it's time to get a mhs900l repair battery.

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